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Apple II

I just found some old documents about the Apple II.
I propose you to have a quick glance, because I know that there are many of you in love with this old machine.

However, I do not know if Apple accepts this kind of dissemination. If the Apple Company prohibits that dissemination, at the first demand from their part, I will erase these documents. Apple must know, however, that I have no benefit from this mailing, and that it will not be detrimental to their interests. These are only old documents about 30 years old and they will be read only by very few enthusiastic amateurs.

Here's what I found::

Have a nice trip!

I still have quite a few documents that I can publish if you are interested: : And many other things ...

And many diskettes.

Written by JM Pichot
2008-02-02 original (Prod sheets, proto bd)

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