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IBM 1401 et IBM 1403 (buffer d'imprimante)

IBM 1401 & IBM 1403 (printer buffer)


Voici 2 modules mémoire qui ont été utilisés dans l'ibm1401 ou dans le buffer d'imprimante IBM1403.

Mise en vente sur au prix de 175$

Taille: 4.5"
poids: inconnu
Capacité: 256 octets
Année: 1965

This is a very nice display of a 1965 IBM 1401 Computer Core Memory with very large cores (IBM started production of the 1401 in 1961) and Logic Card.  These were removed from a genuine IBM 1401 before machine was scrapped.  The 1401 Core memory card has 16 rows of large core.  The decision logic card has matching electronic plugs and 10 IBM secret supporting electronics (IBM secret boxes stamped “483185 & 701952”).  The 1401 came standard with 4K of core memory.  It could be expanded to a whopping 16K.  As technology matured, the memory cores began to get smaller to pack more memory on a board.  Size is 4.5” on each board.  These rare treasures came from the main 1401 processor and 1403 printer buffer.  This is a beautiful display of old computer technology and seldom found from 40+ years ago.

Dimensions: 4.5"
Weight ?
Content capacity: 256 bytes
Mfg Year: 1965

IBM1401-1.jpg IBM1401-2.jpg

Les photos sont de New Beginning Antiques, et sont publiées avec leur permission.

Pictures are from New Beginning Antiques, and are published with its kind permission.Have a look at

eMail 2008-10-21:
Can you authorize me to use your pictures and descriptions? (this one and other from old/future eBay)
Owners of our company allow use of our photos and descriptions for non profit. ...

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