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1977   Pong game

The game Pong presented here is derived from an integrated circuit of Texas Instruments.
It appeared in 1977.

  Below is the documentation and implementation of a scheme.

  Note however that at the time, Scart connector for TV (also known as Peritel) did not exist. (At least on the TV for children) TV had been modified to accommodate the wrapping board. It left my home, about 10 years ago (with modification). So I can not show you photos neither of the hardware part, or of the screen.

2008-03-26 Notice CI pour Jeux Vidéo (french)
2008-03-26 Specs TMS-1965-NLA  (english)
2008-03-26 Schematics by JMP
2008-03-26 Implantation by JMP

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